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Bon Voyage

The Milassa’s wallcovering collection for boys and girls has been named Bon Voyage as it invites your child to go on an exciting journey to discover the beautiful and multifaceted world around.

Each and every parent wishes his children an exceptional fate full of great achievements wisely combined with travel and carefree time. The Bon Voyage collection encourages them to spark their imagination, reach towards new horizons and even set out on an imaginary journey. Daydreams allow you to take a step beyond of everyday life, after all any great journey begins with a first step.

France, especially Paris, being nothing less but the world’s fashion capital, is the starting point of the enjoyable travel across the world. The storyline goes further to Milan to cover the avant-garde geometry of Memphis Design. The next step is London; we’re here to study some English words. The journey ends in the African jungle, where we can watch nature in its pristine beauty.

The Bon Voyage collection sets the right values, inviting a child for a travelling to the large world that has room for daydreams, joy, love, and bold creativity.