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Amsterdam is a place of creative freedom, the “workshop” of the Dutch design that took the art world by storm. Care about simple things and the ability to prettify everyday life are especially appreciated in this geographical point of Europe.

The quintessence of the modern lifestyle is translated in the eponymously-named wallcovering collection by Milassa with the focus on designs with simple lines and shapes. Dutch lightness and fashion sense are perfectly combined with the attention of the Loymina designers to patterns details as well as with the functionality of this wallcovering brand. The cosmopolitan and universal Amsterdam collection is filled with cultural metaphors of Holland and elegance of European style.

This balanced collection excites with a variety of patterns and immerses in the Dutch design which is experimental, intelligent and simple like everything ingenious. Amsterdam as a multifaceted and stylish city comprises an incredible mix of Van Gogh’s tulip fields, modern geometry «a la De Stijl», the conservative and impeccable tartan, the legendary “houndstooth” design, striped patterns in a strict and laconic manner as well as the romantic polka dot. Like the image of the eponymous city this collection’s color palette is composed of blurred hues of soft grey, pale creamy, brown nuances from chocolate to caramel, gently green, serene blue, with a portion of sunshine or a light flush. The addition of a bright note of the famous Dutch orange gives the collection a truly authentic flair.

Treat yourself to a long and entertaining walk in beat of the modern European city with the Amsterdam wallcovering collection!