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Neo Classic

The neoclassical interior style is a modern insight in the traditions of the past where the prudent moderation took priority over the luxury.

However, the decor conceptions have not lost their elegance. Furthermore, neoclassicism has become the compromise which combined comfort and finesse with relevance and pragmatism.

Neoclassicism can be neatly characterized by the subdued hues of soothing natural colors and the stately symmetry of patterns. The conceptualization of the neoclassicism style in architecture was influenced by immense impact of Robert Adam’s works that easily combined the classical elements with the aesthetics of the day.

Nowadays, neoclassicism is one of the most winning decor options because it is neither an experiment on the verge of the pop art style nor a following the temporary trends which can change rapidly, - it is a guaranteed successful realization of time-tested ideas that are optimally adopted to the needs of the modern man.

While creating the NeoClassic wallcovering collection the Milassa designers were guided by the “convenient luxury” concept that smoothly congruent the classic trends with the modern needs. This catalogue’s patterns are performed according to the best neoclassical style traditions, nevertheless they can be successfully used in any and all interiors.