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Since the 16th century, the Mirabell Palace in Salzburg, Austria, has been keeping the history of the forbidden love between a prince-archbishop and his young charming mistress. The beautiful park surrounding the palace is a living reminder of the great love story: exquisite roses, magnolias and plum blossoms remind of passionate love confessions to this day.

The Mirabelle (which means “admirable beauty” in Italian) wallcovering collection is a love song, inspired by spring mood and implemented in floral patterns and delicate colors. The main motif of the collection is the wild plum flowering in the Mirabell Garden. It is harmonized by the patterns that convey an equally enthusiastic impression of this park: small hedge leaves, frivolous forget-me-nots, weightless lace rhombs, wide stripes of a cascade fountain, outlines of the classic damask and the delicate textile background with a mother-of-pearl backstitch. Together, they create a lovely view of a late baroque garden.

This collection’s color palette is diverse and combines soft feminine shades with Vrubel chords: pale pink, azure blue, tender white and creamy, deep green, lavender and lilac-violet. This balance of warm and cold hues evokes the charm of picturesqueness.

The exquisite Mirabelle collection embodies dreams and reveries, light and warm feelings, an amazing state of excitement appearing between wakefulness and sleep.