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Ambient vol. 2

Alone in Nature

The wallcovering collection Ambient vol.2 is a logical continuation of Milassa’s best-seller Ambient.

In an interior design context the Ambient vol.2 collection is consistent with the “intellectual minimalism” term. Those committed to laconic forms and clear lines will definitely appreciate the opportunity to high-light the architecture of space, bright details and emphasize on shapes.

Minimalism does not mean few; it means enough as well as comfortable, functional and beautiful. Pretty tempting, don't you think?

Designing a minimalist interior supposes an immensely difficult creative work that results in the quintessence of textures and colors. Why do we consider the minimalism of Ambient vol.2 intellectual? The Milassa designers focused on achieving a perfect balance between the two components of this quintessence, and they have fully succeeded in it. Ambient vol.2 includes sixty-six most sought-after interior colors that can easily replace matt half-tone paints. The collection consists of classic neutral hues that provide a basis for color contrasts as well as of strong, bright colors.

Minimalism originates in philosophy of Oriental cultures which makes motifs with mountain landscapes and coniferous trees in the collection matter-of-course. A soothing nature essence is translated into these artistic patterns.