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Milassa Ambient is a collection of plains intended for those who have an eye for interior harmony, functionality and comfort. The carefully culled hues of the collection may tune in to your spirits and seamlessly blend into a wide variety of interiors. Multifaceted applicability is a dominant feature of the plains designed to emphasize and complement rather than to individuate. Ambient is the ultimate expression of the most relevant color trends that may render a particular aura and profundity to your interior. The collection is prone to express intensity and delicacy, which is inherent in unobtrusive and caressing music of the ambient style.
The quadrisection of the collection stems from associations of the color range with the ambient music variety.
Chillout — gentle, soothing and subdued hues,
Jungle — vibrant and uncustomary colorway,
Dark Ambient — westering and obscure tints,
Meditation — natural colors and self-shades.

It is no coincidence that a floral design Aura governs the collection. This motif literally triggers placatory emotions, makes you hold on, heed the voice of reason and do what you occasionally skip being pressed for time. Aura is calligraphically processed which imparts romantic flourish facility to the design.

The Milassa Ambient collection makes a valid alternative to interior paints and aims at those opting for matt plain wallcovering.