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Installation guidelines

Step 1


Make sure the walls are dry, clean, smooth and structurally intact. Color variations of coating materials may be visible through light wallcovering. The walls must be free from old wallcovering, non-absorbent paint, dirt, stains and dust. Finish the walls with plaster and prime, and let them dry.


Step 2


Before opening the packing, please make sure all the rolls refer to the same batch and the index numbers come one after another. Variation in index numbers is possible, but not more than 20. Check the rolls for any damages. Keep the labels with the batch number until you finish wallcovering pasting. Make sure to keep the rolls in the room for two days where you plan to paste them. Cut the wallcovering taking into account its pattern and matching type specified on the label. Cut the strips out of the roll with the length equal to the height of your ceiling and leave 10-15 cm extra for trimming. Number each strip in pencil on top of the back side.


Step 3


Do not paste the wallcovering at the temperature below 15 C and with humidity over 65%. It is recommended to start pasting from the corner of the room. At first do not cut more than three strips. Upon pasting three strips, check the quality of the material and pasting. In case the quality is acceptable, keep on pasting. Wallcovering shall be pasted vertically in order to keep patterns straight-line. For this purpose it is recommended to draw a vertical line in the place of the first strip. If plummet is used one shall draw in pencil barely visible strokes. It is better to use a pencil the color of which is similar to the color of the wallcovering. Otherwise heavy lines might appear on the front surface of the wallcovering. It is prohibited to use felt pens and markers for drawing vertical lines and cutting. Felt pens and markers penetrate into the texture of the wallcovering which leads to stains on the front surface of the wallcovering.

Apply the glue in the corner. Paste the wallcovering and smooth it using a soft wallcovering brush.

Apply the glue uniformly on the area of the wall a bit wider than the width of the roll in order to avoid the glue on the front surface of the wallcovering. Do not apply too much glue.

Paste the first strip of the wallcovering according to the vertical line and leave 10-15 cm on top and at the bottom for trimming. Paste the wallcovering and smooth it using a soft spatula or a wallcovering brush from the center of the strip towards the edges. Do NOT use a scrubber which may damage the surface of the wallcovering. Avoid any air bubbles. Use a sharp knife to cut off top and bottom allowance of the wallcovering.

Avoid the glue on the front surface of the wallcovering and its ingress on the seams. Do not rub or scour up the seams. If the glue gets onto the edges, carefully remove it with a sponge.


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