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Like  the  “swan”  grace  of  the  Russian  Ballet  thenadays,  the  Milassa  SWAN  collection makes you take a fresh look at the world. The new collection comprises ethereal oriental patterns that impersonate traditional ballet performances of the beginning of the 20 th  century.

Unparalleled color effects, charming transitions from tender and sensual pompadour to supersensual white and saturated green dominating in the tulip design encapsulate the spiritual beauty and visually enlarge the interior space.

The  Milassa  SWAN  collection  is  literally  the  art  revelation.  Similarly  to  the  dance of a midget fay ballerina, the collection designs make you leave behind your hardships and worries. Here pompousness pleads the ingenuous.

Modern artistic interrelation between dreams and reality as well as crisp synchrony of the collection designs catapult you back to the romantic epoch of  the Russian Ballet.